Formula 1 – 2004 – France – Rubens Barrichello vs Jarno Trulli

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Jarno Trulli Movie Rating: 5 / 5

F1, GP Gran Bretagna – Il preview di Jarno Trulli

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Jarno Trulli Movie Rating: / five

The Tyranny Of Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton’s opponents are hoping that he brings his precious 1967 AC Cobra to the Circuit de Catalunya this Sunday as they have seen him driving it around California in these past few weeks. Hamilton dominating his opponents is an understatement. He did no less than act as a tyrant in the practice sessions. The other teams are a little distressed because of the superiority of Mercedes.

Stefano Domencali of Ferrari, just last month fell on his sword and they have not been victorious at all in the past year. Fernando Alonso’s last victory happened to be in 12 May 2013. Sebastian Vettel was unable to participate in the practice sessions on Friday thanks to faulty wiring that morning. McLaren was close to surrendering the championship because of the comment made by Jenson Button, where he said that it would be hard for any team to win the Grand Prix this year against Mercedes.

Thanks to F1’s coming back to Europe, it has provided the opportunity to the teams to install upgrade packages in their cars. There have been four races so far, of which Mercedes as won all. They’re game is strong this year and the other teams are disarrayed. Mercedes has way too much potential this year.

The only likely strong enough opponent to Mercedes will be Red Bull because their car looks amazing, even more so than Mercedes. However, the downside is that the Renault engine is just not good enough. Though they are making progress they still lag behind Mercedes. They are frustrated but they are doing the best they can to make a possible win. Even Renault has been under great pressure due to the fact that many teams have been late in their payments as well as some other issues which were termed classified.

F1 – British GP Silverstone 2009 Friday Practice – Jarno Trulli

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Jarno Trulli Movie Score: / 5

Jarno Trulli – 2011 Preseason F1 Jerez

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Jarno Trulli Online video Score: / 5


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Jarno Trulli Movie Score: five / 5

Jarno Trulli

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Born on 13th of July 1974, Jarno Trulli is a 39 year old ex-Formula One racing driver who hails from Italy. In 1991 he won the Karting World Championship; this was followed by several other karting championships in different categories till 1995.

In 1997 he made his break in the Formula One with Minardi. he replaced Oliver Panis after 7 races and finished fourth in Germany and took the lead in Austria but unfortunately his engine blew. In 2000 he signed with Jordan. However for the 2 years he was with them, he failed to secure a podium. In 2002 Jarno Trulli signed with Renault and out-competed his British teammate Jenson Button on many occasions. He stayed at Renault till 2004 to partner Fernando Alonso. In 2003 Trulli managed to secure a podium in Germany, which was his first since he left Prost.

In 2004 he joined Toyota and early in 2005 he took Toyota’s first F1 pole in Indianapolis. However since the beginning of the 2006 season he showed poor performance and on the very first lap of the 2006 Australian Grand Prix David Coulthard took him out. Jarno Trulli scored his first points in 2007, in Malaysia. He finished 7th after qualifying 8th. In 2008 Timo Glock was confirmed as his teammate for the season. Jarno Trulli started off the season pretty well with several points to his credit. He also finished at a 6th position in Montreal followed by a finish in the 3rd position in France. 2009 was eventful for Trulli, in the first race of the season he finished third however was penalised 25secs on false accounts given by Lewis Hamilton dropping him to 12th position. However once the issue was clarified he regained his 3rd position in the podium. At bargain he made the record for the fastest lap. In 2010 he signed with lotus, which was renamed to Carterham F1 in 2012, but Trulli was replaced by Vitaly Petrov the same year.