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Jarno Trulli Movie Score: five / 5

Jarno Trulli

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Born on 13th of July 1974, Jarno Trulli is a 39 year old ex-Formula One racing driver who hails from Italy. In 1991 he won the Karting World Championship; this was followed by several other karting championships in different categories till 1995.

In 1997 he made his break in the Formula One with Minardi. he replaced Oliver Panis after 7 races and finished fourth in Germany and took the lead in Austria but unfortunately his engine blew. In 2000 he signed with Jordan. However for the 2 years he was with them, he failed to secure a podium. In 2002 Jarno Trulli signed with Renault and out-competed his British teammate Jenson Button on many occasions. He stayed at Renault till 2004 to partner Fernando Alonso. In 2003 Trulli managed to secure a podium in Germany, which was his first since he left Prost.

In 2004 he joined Toyota and early in 2005 he took Toyota’s first F1 pole in Indianapolis. However since the beginning of the 2006 season he showed poor performance and on the very first lap of the 2006 Australian Grand Prix David Coulthard took him out. Jarno Trulli scored his first points in 2007, in Malaysia. He finished 7th after qualifying 8th. In 2008 Timo Glock was confirmed as his teammate for the season. Jarno Trulli started off the season pretty well with several points to his credit. He also finished at a 6th position in Montreal followed by a finish in the 3rd position in France. 2009 was eventful for Trulli, in the first race of the season he finished third however was penalised 25secs on false accounts given by Lewis Hamilton dropping him to 12th position. However once the issue was clarified he regained his 3rd position in the podium. At bargain he made the record for the fastest lap. In 2010 he signed with lotus, which was renamed to Carterham F1 in 2012, but Trulli was replaced by Vitaly Petrov the same year.

F1 2009 Monaco Grand Prix | Jarno Trulli | Quick Race | Nintendo Wii Gameplay

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Jarno Trulli Movie Score: 5 / 5

Trulli Talks About His Experience

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Although Toyota has the biggest of budgets every year they have not really got any kind of big success in the 140 F1 races. The Japanese manufacturer has been in action from 2002 to 2009. Jarno Trulli the ex Toyota driver said that the concept of racing started incorrectly from the beginning itself and that Toyota has always been true to the philosophy which they have.

In an interview with the Toyota driver he said that there were many wrong decisions that were taken due to which the path did not lead to the ultimate goal. However he hopes that everything will change this year and they would be back with a victory in the first race of the championship. He talked about various technical errors that had taken place earlier and also some of the decisions that were taken were not really good and that had a major impact on the team and also on Toyota’s future. He focused on the point that Toyota was earlier focused on a particular director and more on Ralf Schumacher.

Later when Mike Gascoyne was shown the door it was another big mistake that Toyota made. In the follow up control of the team it was made clear that were not happy with Mr. Mike Okay. However, there was no replacement for that person that is why they could proceed with anything. These were some of the reasons why the team had to withdraw just after the season in 2009. Although Jarno Trulli is not in the team any more he says that he was very proud when he achieved the pole position and also the first podium result which was quite a big moment for the team. He is still about the fact that he could not make the team win in any of the championship.

Jarno Trulli signing autographs at Spa F1 Grand Prix 2009

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Jarno Trulli Online video Score: three / 5

Trulli dubs Lotus As Mistake

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Esteemed F1 legend Jurno Trulli has dubbed his contract with Lotus (presently Caterham) was a huge mistake in a recent interview. The Italian racing great was with the team from 2009-2011 which he termed as “hell” of a tenure.

“It’s tough to discuss about Lotus. It’s a huge mistake”, remarked a miffed Trulli. “Nothing which was promised arrived. It was akin to some mission impossible to everybody in the team. Even a seasoned driver couldn’t come up with anything positive. When you don’t have the needed resources, you can’t mount to the summit. I wasn’t sad to halt, I just had enough.”

Jurno signed up as a Lotus driver on December 14, 2009. In his initial years with the team he joined erstwhile McLaren racer Heikki Kovalainen. The Italian had a rough season that year where he managed to finished just 1 of the 4 opening races- it was a poorer reliability record in comparison to his partner.  “Everything happens with my car & my car solely- this till date, my expectations haven’t been met”, Trulli was heard commenting while asked on his unsuccessful maiden season with Lotus.

The Italian was replaced by Vitaly Petrov in Lotus at the first quarter of 2012. Since then, Truli wasn’t seen anywhere in professional motorsport scene. While asked about his absence since 2011-12, the former F1 driver explained- “I did receive a handful of offers but it was always riding atop for me- be it F3 or Karting or F1. I came to realize that these offers meant stepping back for me.”

“I was never interested in GT”, the Italian trailed. “It’s because according to me it isn’t any professional league. I’ve forever been accompanied by around twenty pro racers. I had the best of Formula 1 Championship with several esteemed manufacturers. Everybody wished to win & it’s a highly professional ambience with best of drivers from the world.”

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