Panasinoc 2005 F1 CM TOYOTA Jarno Trulli,Ralf Schumacher

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Vergne needs one good result, says Toro Rosso boss

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By Liam, August 26, 2014 3:13 pm

Franz Tost, the boss of the Formula One outfit Toro Rosso has stated that driver Jean Eric Vergne needs one huge result under his belt in order to validate the progress he has already made this season.

Vergne lost out to last season’s team mate, Australian Daniel Ricciardo for promotion to sister team Red Bull Racing and has spent most of this season to become the team’s number one driver with rookie phenomenon Daniil Kvyat.

And although Tost conceded that reliability issues with the car hampered the team’s drivers from scoring big points for the team in a couple of races, with a couple of eight pointers standing out as the best result for Vergne, he reckons that this is potentially a huge season for him who is now competing in his third Formula One season with Toro Rosso.

Tost stated that Vergne made a lot of progress, particularly during the winter months and hence, his mental stability is a lot better than in previous seasons during the races. Tost mentioned that he is doing a great job, but unfortunately for him, there have been some issues with the reliability of the car but in terms of driving, he is fast, skilful and Tost just hopes he can manage a huge result between now and the end of the season.

Vergne was running at sixth in the Monaco Grand Prix before suffering from technical problems with an unsafe release as well as ignition issues and Tost added a good result there would have added a lot to his self-confidence and given him the kick to go on and score more point.

But Tost is also certain that Jean Eric Vergne will eventually come good for himself as well as for the Toro Rosso and show what he is actually capable of.

Lotus F1 at the Santander British Grand Prix 2010 Jarno Trulli and Heiki Kovalinen

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Contract for Rosberg extended

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By Liam, July 30, 2014 8:01 am

Nico Rosborg the championship leader of F1 has been signed with a contract for multiyear with Mercedes as his grand prix of the home German at Hockenhiem. However the deal was somewhat expected from before. The contract was done before with Mercedes.

Mercedes has long term cordial relationship with Hamilton and Rosberg. Rosberg is looking forward to the next year where he intends to win more race and win more championships than before. For Silver Arrows he has won 6 races with finishes of 17 podium and pole position with 8th. He is so far leading Hamilton by just points of four. At time he was one of the top racer in the world. The team has been driven forward, there is momentum and clarity with a vision to perform. He wants to make his team proud.

The new contract has brought in a new zeal and verve to the entire team. The future of him and his team remains stable and committed. Therefore he has been able to announce his presence in the tournament of Mercedez Benz and Nico. He has never been successful in Germany though. His home town is Germany and despite spending most of his time in Monaco. Despite his efforts he is being hailed as the top for the current championship and he will prove a point. If he wins the championship it will be an achievement since he will be the first from Germany to be winning it after so long.

The team in total has won 8 races out of 9 and this time the title is a combat between the Mercedes. The players have been racing since they were young. With renewed contract he will surely be able to produce quality driving and will be motivated at his home ground.

Formula 1 – 2004 – France – Rubens Barrichello vs Jarno Trulli

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F1, GP Gran Bretagna – Il preview di Jarno Trulli

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The Tyranny Of Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton’s opponents are hoping that he brings his precious 1967 AC Cobra to the Circuit de Catalunya this Sunday as they have seen him driving it around California in these past few weeks. Hamilton dominating his opponents is an understatement. He did no less than act as a tyrant in the practice sessions. The other teams are a little distressed because of the superiority of Mercedes.

Stefano Domencali of Ferrari, just last month fell on his sword and they have not been victorious at all in the past year. Fernando Alonso’s last victory happened to be in 12 May 2013. Sebastian Vettel was unable to participate in the practice sessions on Friday thanks to faulty wiring that morning. McLaren was close to surrendering the championship because of the comment made by Jenson Button, where he said that it would be hard for any team to win the Grand Prix this year against Mercedes.

Thanks to F1’s coming back to Europe, it has provided the opportunity to the teams to install upgrade packages in their cars. There have been four races so far, of which Mercedes as won all. They’re game is strong this year and the other teams are disarrayed. Mercedes has way too much potential this year.

The only likely strong enough opponent to Mercedes will be Red Bull because their car looks amazing, even more so than Mercedes. However, the downside is that the Renault engine is just not good enough. Though they are making progress they still lag behind Mercedes. They are frustrated but they are doing the best they can to make a possible win. Even Renault has been under great pressure due to the fact that many teams have been late in their payments as well as some other issues which were termed classified.