Formula 1 – 2001 – Japan – Jarno Trulli vs Jacques Villeneuve

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F1 – Intervista a Jarno Trulli

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Jarno Trulli is a former Italian race car driver

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Jarno Trulli is a former Italian race car driver, best known for his stint with Formula One where he raced for the likes of Minardi, Jordan, Prost, Renault, Lotus Racing and Team Lotus and Toyota in a career that spanned 14 years between 1997 and 2014. In his 14 years in the sport, Trulli managed to win just one Grand Prix whe he took the chequered flag at the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix for Renault.

The Italian was initially signed on to the Formula One circuit by Minardi and made his debut for the team in 1997 and after seven races, he was so impressive that he was brought in to replace the injured Olivier Panis at Prost, going on to finish fourth in the race in Germany.

He stayed with the team for the next two years before he was signed up to the Jordan Grand Prix team in 2000. However, at that time, Jordan were no longer that it had once been at the beginning of the decade and it was during times that it was claimed that Jarno Trulli was more of a qualifying specialist than an out and out racer.

In 2002, he was signed up to Renault and was initially partnered with Jenson Button before the promotion of Fernando Alonso as a first team racer. Continue reading 'Jarno Trulli is a former Italian race car driver'»

Helsinki city gp – Jarno Trulli

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Trulli Free From Penalty Issue

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Great news for Jarno Trulli fans- the erstwhile F1 driver is not needed to go through the previously sentenced grid penalty in the upcoming Formula E race.

As per the reports, Jarno Trulli from Trulli GP was one among the drivers who was sentenced to suffer a penalty, following the heated ePrix Buenos Aires championship. But, much to the pleasure of the racer, his family and fans, his team has announced a statement today that says that he is being relieved from serving punishment at Miami.

A Formula E report published just after the race demanded the Italian to serve 10 grid-place penalty on the charge of change in gearbox of his Renault Spark. But Trulli GP, finally, have declared that Trulli won’t be needed to go through the penalty at the Miami event as stewards from last round felt that the racer has already served penalty at Argentina.

Trulli’s team was in a state of shock when the rider was subjected to penalty. The clarification later has surely brought a sense of relief in the team as well. Continue reading 'Trulli Free From Penalty Issue'»

F1 Challenge 2008@ Zandvoort with Jarno Trulli, Toyota Hotla

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Trulli proud of Punta del Este results

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Much to the pleasure of Trulli fans, the Formula E squad captain Jarno Trulli is proud of the results achieved by his team at Punta Del Este- but he is still expecting way better results from his team.

Trulli has every right to be a proud captain as his team forays into the New Year with huge relief. After a hard time in the initial couple of rounds in Formula E FIA championship, the leading Italian squad celebrated their 1st points finish at Punta Este. The team skipper brought his very electric racer back home in the fantastic 4th place.

“It gives a great feeling to score first points here for the squad”, stated an elated Trulli. “I would love to convey my thanks to the engineers, the mechanics & the rest of my entire squad for their spirited endeavors since July.” Continue reading 'Trulli proud of Punta del Este results'»